We welcome as members:-

Practising lawyers, judges, law lecturers and professors, notaries, escribanos, diplomats,  members of chambers of commerce, members of international and/or legal organisations,  trainee solicitors, pupil barristers, law students, and others who may have an interest in the laws of Argentina and the UK.

Application for membership is open to those who wish to apply as Corporate, Individual or Student members.  Please refer to our Constitution for further details.

The membership lasts for a year from the moment you join.  To apply for membership please fill in the SOBAL Membership Application Form and send it to Alternatively contact us on the form below and confirm the type of membership you are interested in. You will then receive payment details.

Annual Fees

  • Corporate Membership (limited to 4 members) £250
  • Individual Membership £50
  • Students £30


Membership application